My First and Only Warning.

Okay so, where to start? Hmmm…let’s see…how bout my love of writing? I love to write. Poetry, prose, essays, almost anything and everything. I write over many things, from God to just everyday life and dealing with my deafness. Yes, you heard me. I am actually deaf! Here’s the real kicker: I am a deaf musician. Yup! I play piano, alto saxophone, and the marimba. It gets even better: I’m in high school band. Sadly, I was forced to stop marching after I had implant surgery earlier this year and the side effects were just too much. I stayed in band, despite this being my junior year and I’m determined to never give up.

If you really want the details, I’ll give ’em. I’m a Texan, completely horse crazy (shocking right? Lol, nah.) I’m a TOTAL Capricorn. I’m a Baptist. My birthday is literally right there next to Christmas, Santa must’ve gotten lost though! I’m seventeen and still can’t drive. My family is a patchwork family, torn apart, yet joined by divorce. It hasn’t been easy and the story isn’t always a happy one. I won’t lie to you, there’s been times when it has been beyond horrible. But I hope, somehow, my story, our story reflects God. I’m not entirely sure how to say this, and the brutally honest me will tell you the delete button is my best friend right about now.

As a deafie, there’s a lot of things I’ve had to teach others. The other day, a nurse came to me and asked if I had a needle holding my implant to my head. After telling her it’s just a magnet, she started to understand, amazed that such miracles are now possible, thanks to new revelations in science. I basically use a prosthetic ear. Pretty cool huh? Well, the same thing goes for my writing. I want my life, my writing, my everything to reflect God. I want others to learn about Him, to hear about Jesus, His sacrifice, just every single last thing. The problem is, sometimes I am doubtful, stuck, unsure where to turn or where to go. Sound familiar?

So, for those of you brave enough to stick through my maniacal writings and craziness, a huge thanks to y’all. As a teenager, I don’t always do the maturest things or the right ones. Sure, sure, we all mess up. My grumblings and nonsensical things won’t always be the soundest ones or the  most understandable ones, but I hope somehow, despite the hardships and my deafness, I can connect with everyone who reads this. It’s not always easy, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try.


Alliecat, the craziest writer you’ll ever meet. Promise.


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